Monday, 7 May 2012

Learning Curves

I have finished my first year of university. All of my exams are now over and I am just waiting (nervously) for my results. To say that the last 8 months have been a learning curve would be an understatement. I have loved this year, and despite the ups and downs, it has been an amazing experience. I have learnt some valuable lessons which I thought I would share. Enjoy.

1 - My faith is most definitely a relationship with a mighty and living God. I didn't know before I came to university whether this was the case because I had never had to confront things which I felt could truly test my relationship with God. He has always come through for me and I have spent the last 8 months falling in love with Him all over again.

2 - Being drunk can be both great fun and a real pain. I discovered this fairly early on really. If I had a good night then I was loud, happy, smiley, and able to spend the whole time dancing with my friends. But, if I have things which I haven't talked about whilst sober and I drink too much, and the subject is brought up, you see the emotional, angry and upset me (more people than I'd have liked have seen that side of me). It can turn a whole situation into a complete mess in a very short space of time, and is in no way a good solution to a problem...but sometimes it is a good night and a great laugh.

3 - In the words of one of my lecturers "Being able to bullshit is an essential life skill." Not reassuring words to hear in the first term... but since doing a module this term which I still do not really understand, I can completely see his point. I just responded to essay questions with lecture material and extra reading without ever understanding the subject... so yes, in that case I was using long words to explain things I didn't understand to make me look smarter.

4 - Friends, Food and Family. These things seem to have taken on a whole new meaning at university. I feel closer to my parents than I ever have and I think it's because I appreciate their care and the things I took for granted at home so much more here, because I don't have them. Those days which just go so badly and all I want is a home cooked meal and a big hug from my parents. This is also where friends have taken on a new meaning. Never did I stay up until 3 or 4 am having amazing conversations with my close friends at home, and never could I just ring them at midnight and ask if I could pop round, until I came to uni. These things have happened so often here and some of my best nights have been spent curled up with a cup of tea, talking with my friends into the small hours. And food. Well, that has changed a lot too. I have a huge love for home cooking, and the excitement that comes with the mere mention of free food is probably ridiculous to outsiders, but believe me, here it is like gold dust. I would say the phrase "If there's free food I am there!" is one I have heard (and used) too many times to count this year!

5 - Live a little. I used to be scared of everything. I am not exactly a happy go lucky person who just chills out and "goes with the flow" but since starting uni I've learnt to relax and just take a chance. You only live once, and this attitude has given me a healthy appetite for a little fun and adventure. So here I am, living a little. Yes sometimes it ends badly, but mostly it just makes for a good story and we'll be laughing about it a few weeks down the line!

Thanks for a great first year of uni... and if you haven't been bored by my ramblings then I am glad. If you have then thank you for reading this far!


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