Sunday, 2 October 2011

I Survived Freshers Week!

As the title suggests, I survived freshers week. It has been fairly up and down really. I got to know my lovely flatmates better and go out a couple of times (yes only a couple of times!) which has been pretty fun. I think I have some great friends in the making. 
I have also seen a couple of churches which has been good. I still can't decide, but I don't want to spend all term hunting for one, I need to find somewhere to get stuck in. At the moment my favourite one is the first one we visited...small but really welcoming and great worship and preaching. I think I am planning to see a different one next Sunday. So I think I will make a decision then. 
Things have been hard sometimes. Homesickness has really hit me hard. I speak to my family nearly every day and have a long conversation, and last night I spent over an hour on the phone, crying to my best friend. I miss her so much, and the distance makes it so hard to just hop onto a train and see her or my family. Still we will meet up in London for a day which is much easier to get to than home is. I am certain that when I get into a routine and get used to being here I will love it. 
The prospect of starting lectures is terrifying...they will all be delivered in French (bar the grammar ones) but I am also pretty excited about it. A chance to finally do something people are equally enthusiastic about as me. Still, I am enjoying not being obliged to do any work yet. 
Today, I went for a swim. I am determined to be healthy while I am here and I refuse to put on weight. In fact, I would like to lose some. Not obsessively, but enough to have a lean, toned figure. 
Anyway, I am totally wiped out so I will get a very early night (11pm, shockingly!). That way I can be bright eyed and bushy tailed for lectures tomorrow.