Saturday, 16 March 2013

Happy Endings

I love chick-flicks... the whole film, builds up to boy ending up with girl and them having "the moment" right at the end of the film. You know the one I mean, the dramatic music, the cheesy speech, the heart wrenching kiss and the utter happiness that the "right" people have found eachother. You assume that from that point on, as the credits roll that everything will be perfect. That life is "fixed."

I think as Christians, that we can view people's stories of salvation as "happy endings," in the same way that the life changing kiss happens in the film, those beginning moments of knowing Jesus, those journeys we have travelled, all culminate in a beautiful, crazy, life changing moment which fixes everything. And yes. I am not denying for a single second that the moment/the story of us coming to Jesus isn't miraculous or beautiful or crazy, but that too often we can assume it means that from there on in things are perfect. That becoming a Christian is the happy ending we've been searching for. But that moment is not the end. 

It is the start of something mad, something wild and something beautiful. But the mountains we faced before, the things which held us down do not disappear, the storms don't stop coming. But knowing Jesus, and loving him gives us a new confidence. It gives us a new found hope which gives us the strength to weather the storms, the ability to climb those mountains. It helps us to seek beauty in a world of ugliness and it helps us to love those who we most struggle with. Being a Christian doesn't mean we have it "easy," but it means we have the knowledge that God is greater than those mountains, he is stronger than those storms which batter us. And he is on OUR side.

Every day I live is a testimony to the grace of God. Every day is a demonstration of how good He is. And every day is a fresh reminder of however painful life is, that I have something that nobody can take away. 

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